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An easy-to-use expense tracking system, specially designed for creatives!
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That's right, I'm talking to you... Raise your hand if this is you:
  • Are you tired of trying to keep up with every little business expense?
  •  ​Are you always scrambling at tax season, never sure if you have all of the documentation you need?
  •  ​Do you feel confused about categories & taxes?
  • Do you feel like you're working SO hard creating your products, putting them up online and at the end of the month you take a few minutes to clean up all the scraps of paper around you... you wipe your sweat and sit down at your computer... only to realize you didn't make any money because you spent more than you made?

Girl, I was just like you!

Girl, I was just like you!
I'm Katie Fisher, a creative myself, and when I had a few ideas for crafts, I got right down to work.
I ordered my supplies, spent wayyyy too many hours at Michael's... and Hobby Lobby and ... ok fine, I went to JoAnn's too. I put it all on my personal credit card and thought to myself, "I'll sort it out later. I'm sure I'll sell tons of these."
I was so excited to just create! I started posting them online and the next thing I knew, people wanted it! They starting ordering left and right! It was so much fun and quite exhilarating.
But then... at tax time my accountant (bless her heart) asked if I had kept track of my expenses... Well... I had to tell her "ummm... I never got around to organizing it." She knocked the wind from my sails. 
I kept track of my expenses like a toddler at a lemonade stand!

Here is what your Getting !


A complete list of the various business expense categories to track throughout the year


A customizable, categorized Excel spreadsheet that you can use to track all of your business expenses


A video explaining how to use the checklist and spreadsheet and be confident in your numbers  


Access to my Facebook group, where creatives talk about finances, book-keeping, + debt

My peace of mind is solid. And I finally feel IN CONTROL! If that sounds like you...

go ahead and grab my Creative Balance Business Expenses Training & Tracker to tackle your expenses like a boss!

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