Personalized, Step-by-Step Guidance to
Turn your Creative Hobby into a REAL Money-Making Business 


Artists & Crafters, Ready To EARN From Your Creations?

Maybe You Want to

Make Extra Money for Family Vacations


Transition From Your Job To Your Own Full Time Creative Business

And you've probably:


  • Thought about starting or already started your business 
  • Put your work up on Etsy only to see nothing happen 
  • Posted your creations on  Social media to have your friends like but not buy
  • Started a website but no one comes to visit 
  • Searched around the web for answers but just got even more confused & overwhelmed
  • Invested time and money into a course that told you WHAT to do, but didn't actually SHOW you how 
  • Felt like you need to have everything at once: website, Etsy shop, blog, email list. Where does it end? 

    AND maybe ... 

    You've lost sight of how this can even ever work, think you'll never have anything more than a hobby, and maybe you even want to give up. 

I've been there myself & so have all my students.

Hi! I'm Katie

Creative Business Owner, Finance Maven & Your Guide


For the past  8 years I've been growing my creative business that started as just a hobby.  When I figured out that I could actually make money, I was able to generate even more consistent income than the tax firm I owned. I was able to sell it and stay with my creative business full time. 

Awesome? Yes! Easy? No!

When I first got started, I put my stuff up on Etsy and hired a coach. My coach kept telling me to do all these things, but no one ever showed me HOW to do them. So I learned the hard way.  I spent most of time googling all over the web, doing boat loads of research and make a lot of time & money wasting mistakes! It took me 3 years to create that consistent income I could live comfortably from. Now, with my personalized advice and training videos, my students tend to reach their goals in 3-6 months.

I'm a wife & a mom of 2, so I know the struggle of taking care of my family and running my biz and I've created this training program to fit into your life and I teach you how to structure your business to flow smoothly with your life too! 


I Know You've Got Questions ...

You may be wondering:

Are people just going to judge me and my work? It feels too vulnerable.

Do I start an Etsy Shop, use Amazon, make my own website? There's so many options! 

What should I post? Where should I post it? And how often do I have to do it? 

What should I charge? How do I come up with pricing? 

Do I have to charge sales tax? 

How does shipping work? How do I calculate that? 

How do I know if I'm making money? How do I keep track of my sales and expenses? 

What if nobody likes or buys my work?

Don't worry, I'll make this easy and fun! 

There's a ton of information out there and you'll drive yourself crazy trying to figure it all out on your own. 

I've packaged it all and put it into ONE place and hold your hand through making your business come alive! 

I've Got Your Answers ...

The Creative's Masterclass Vault is a collection of classes that you need to go from hobby to business.


You'll choose your own path with guidance in very manageable videos. (I give it to you in bite size chunks)

Your First Step is a Personal 1:1 Session With Katie!

Right after you sign up, we'll get on a video call together and deep dive into your business. I'll be advising you specifically to where you are in YOUR business. You'll get a customized action plan for you to get started and not get lost on your journey. 

A Taste of What's Inside The Vault


Goals & Vision

You'll create a vision for your business, clarify sales goals & learn how to prioritize your time to maximum results, and generate multiple streams of revenue. 

Where to Sell!

I cover Etsy, Shopify, Amazon Handmade and building your own website. You'll be guided to the best choice for you.


We'll cover all the major social media channels and email marketing so you can build a loyal following and increase product sales. 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You'll learn how to come up in search when people are looking for what you make. 


Build a stand-out brand and feel good about putting yourself out there, talking about your work and charging what you're worth.


Know how to price your work and keep track of sales and expenses. I cover Quickbooks, Freshbooks & Wave so you have options. 

Each Month You Also Get


You'll get expert trainings on topics like email marketing, sales mindset, legal docs, subscription box businesses and more! Plus Q+A time.


You'll get a live training by Katie each month on a specific topic and the opportunity to ask your questions to Katie directly. And get actionable steps to move your business forward. 


Each month you will Mastermind LIVE with your fellow creative business owners. The community is one of the greatest and most supportive assets in this program. You will never be alone. 


You'll be kept accountable for tracking your income, expenses, sales and be able to audit how you are doing and how much profit you're making. Plus sales goal reviews. 

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Just Imagine What it Will Be Like When You ...


Wake up to "cha-ching" sounds on your phone as sales roll in.

Feel confident in presenting, pricing and selling your crafts and art pieces. 

Have the abilities to do it all yourself with the support of a like-minded community. 

Experience that vacation of your dreams you can take with the money you earned doing what you actually love & enjoy.

Get recognized for your products and have fans noticing you in person and online! 

Ready to Join Us?

Creative's Masterclass Vault

5 months of access

  • Access to the Vault with all the video training you need to grow your business (value $1500)
  • 1 hour personal session with Katie to get personal advice & develop your game plan (value $500)
  • LIVE Monthly Trainings on specific topics that will give you actionable steps (value $200/month)
  • Monthly Community Connection Calls to Mastermind with your  new like-minded friends (priceless)
  • LIVE Monthly Financial Training so you can stay on track with your money making (value $200/month)
  • LIVE Monthly Guest Expert advice on a variety of topics with Q+A time (value $200/month)
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group where you can ask any question, any time! (priceless)
  • Paperback copy of the Masterclass Guidebook mailed to you so you can stay on track (value $65)
  • On-the-go access with the Mobile App included



You don't have to do this alone. I'm excited to guide you, and the community is ready to embrace you!

See You Inside...
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