My Number One Tip for Record Keeping

Four years ago, we lived every small business owner's nightmare. It was horrible. The process took months, we couldn't find any of our record keeping, and I was exhausted and drained from a move. We were definitely not set up for success.

After 15 years, we were AUDITED.

We only had 30 days to dig up records from both my husband's construction business and my handmade business.

I learned a lot from this, including how to keep our records straight for tax season. If I can recommend any one thing from this experience, it's this:

Label your receipts!

Write every thing you purchase on them. Especially if you get any business materials from Hobby Lobby.

Are you a Hobby Lobby shopper? Do you know what I'm talking about? If not, go grab your latest Hobby Lobby receipt.

There are no product descriptions! They only give categories, like "crafts," or "sewing," or "home decor." Not very specific, huh?

Why does this matter? Well, when we were getting audited, the IRS actually...

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