Learn How to Collect Sales Tax for Your Handmade Business

Let’s be honest. Sales tax has gotten pretty confusing for creative business owners, especially with how much digital sales have grown. I’m sure you’ve caught yourself asking, “Do I collect sales tax? Does the sales platform collect tax for me? Why can’t I just focus on creating beautiful things?!” I agree. It sucks. But, it’s much better to handle correctly from the get-go to avoid nightmares and a long headache come next spring (AKA tax season). 

Today, I’m going to cover sales tax for online sales specifically. There are so many platforms on which you can sell your products, and unfortunately, there’s no standard for how each of them handle sales tax. So, here is my rundown of each platform and how they do sales tax!

First, let’s go over how you know whether or not to collect sales tax in the first place. The short answer is that it varies by state. 

For example, I live in Missouri, where sales tax is not...

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