Success Stories | Turning Your Hobby into a Business You Love | Episode 45

podcast Mar 05, 2021

Episode 45: Show Notes

Welcome to part four of our series! Today on the show I have two amazing women, Christine Gravot from Heartfelt Giver and Kimberly Cook from Born in a Barn Boutique.

Christine is a small business owner, designer and mom. She enjoys helping people customize signs for their homes or business that fit their style and needs. Christine started her family business, Heartfelt Giver in 2006 as a part-time business and now it has grown into a full-time family affair.

Kimberly has been a furniture artist for 5 years, transforming quality vintage furniture into modern day pieces. At Born in a Barn Boutique, her painted furniture pieces meet her clients shopping needs to fit everyone's lifestyle.

These ladies are here today to share their journey of becoming a creative business owner and how they are helping other creative business owners along the way.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Christine’s business journey and how she turned her hobby into a full-time income
  • How...
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How to Become an Influencer with an Engaged Audience with Melanie Ferguson | Episode 44

podcast Feb 19, 2021

Episode 44: Show Notes

My guest today is Melanie Ferguson with Southern Crush at Home. Melanie’s story is a bit different. She started her creative entrepreneurship journey with the full intent of creating a business and not just a hobby. It only took her three years, after college, working in a corporate position to figure out that cubicle life was not for her.

After discovering a niche for DIY home decor, she decided to lean into the idea and grow her audience. Today she has a multiple six figure following across different platforms. In this episode, she shares with us how she went from a real-estate agent to a creative business owner.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Melanie’s story about how she went from real-estate to DIY home decor
  • How Melanie transitioned from selling physical products to creating digital products
  • How to become an online influencer with an engaged audience
  • How to monetize your blog and the importance of having ads
  • Listening to your audience and...
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Success Stories | Creating Multiple Revenue Streams in Your Creative Business with Ashley Smith and Donna Mullins | Episode 43

podcast Feb 12, 2021

Episode 43: Show Notes

My guests today are, Donna Mullins and Ashely Smith. Donna is the owner of On A Whimm Wreaths and Decor by Dona. She started her business a little over a year ago, completely on a whimm and hasn’t looked back since.

Ashley is the owner of Icing & Aprons, a home buttercream icing bakery. She also creates online tutorials about cake decorating skills that she plans to monetize in the future.

These ladies are here today to talk about their business journeys, how they got started and the impact their creative businesses had on themselves and their families.

Decorating and crafting has always been Ashley's passion. She remembers moving furniture around in her bedroom as a child because, even back then, she liked change. Making something pretty that is enjoyable for you and your friends and family when they visit your home is what she really enjoys the most about not only decorating, but wreath making.

Being a creative business owner has afforded Donna...

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Success Stories | The Positive Impact a Creative Business Has on Family Life with Jenny Welsh and Leslie Scribner | Episode 42

podcast Feb 05, 2021


Episode 42: Show Notes

Today I’m talking to not one, but two amazing creative entrepreneurs. Jenny Welsh from Followed Arrow Custom Creations and Leslie Scribner from CastleBerry Kids Shop.

Jenny is a creative business owner who started her business a little over a year ago. Her biggest sellers are her glitter tumblers. She loves working from home and showing her kids that she can do things her way and that there is more than one way to bring in income.

Leslie is a mom of four, creative business owner and, as of recently, a homeschool teacher. She creates children embroidery and custom baby gifts and outfits. In 2010 she got a sewing/embroidery machine as her Christmas gift and that is how it all started.

They are here today to share their business journey and the impact it had on their families.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How a hobby becomes a business
  • Challenges you face as a new business owner
  • Impact that your business has on your family

Links and resources...

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How Owing a Creative Business Saved Me | Episode 41

podcast Jan 29, 2021


Episode 41: Show Notes

We have some changes happening around here! Starting next week, we are kicking off a 4-week series where I have amazing creative entrepreneurs come in and share their stories. That got me thinking. If I am asking all of these other creative entrepreneurs to be vulnerable and share their journey, then I should probably be the first one to do the same.

This is not going to be the content that you guys see here every week, but I want to share with you over the next four weeks is how owning a little craft business, or a side hobby, or a little Etsy store, whatever you might call it, can truly have an impact on you and your family.

So, here I am. Sharing my journey as a creative entrepreneur. I’m so excited to bring you my story today!

For me, owning a creative business truly brought me back to who I was. Truly built me into the person that I am today and I think in a small way, probably saved me.

- Katie Fisher

In this episode, we cover:

  • What...
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Don't Be Afraid to Change Your Business Plan with Kendra Swalls | Episode 40

podcast Jan 22, 2021

Episode 40: Show Notes

Joining me today is Kendra Swalls. Kendra started as an elementary school teacher, but has built a successful photography business in the last few years.

Today she is a host of the Girl Means Business Podcast, where she gives business & marketing advice and has conversations with the top female entrepreneurs. In today’s episode we talk about her amazing career pivot, changing your plans and being flexible with your business.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How to pivot in your career
  • Advice for business owners who are just getting started
  • How to deal with imperfections in your business

More about Kendra:

My name is Kendra Swalls and I am a serial entrepreneur (admitting it is the first step!)

In 2012 I had the crazy idea to start a photography business, while I was teaching full time AND 6 months pregnant! I would love to tell you that my business took off like a rocket, but that couldn't be farther from the truth.

In reality my business took a...

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Finding Joy Among the Flaws as You Start Your Business as a Creative Entrepreneur with Marcella Hill | Episode 39

podcast Jan 15, 2021

Episode 39: Show Notes

Today on the show we have Marcella Hill, owner of The Love Woolies, and we are talking about the struggles and growing pains of creative entrepreneurs. How she built her business from the ground up and everything she learned along the way.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How to get started as a creative entrepreneur
  • How to set up your Shopify page
  • Being transparent about your business
  • Advices for new business owners who are just getting started
  • How to follow your passion in a creative market
  • and, Marcella’s new workshop coming in January “A joy from the flaws”

Links and resources mentioned during this episode:


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How to Survive an IRS Audit as a Business Owner | Episode 38

podcast Jan 08, 2021


Episode 38: Show Notes

In 2016, we were audited both personally and for our business. This is a long process and it can get really stressful. Today, I’m going to share with you my personal experience and lessons I learned from being audited.

Hopefully, this will help you get ready and make this process as painless as possible.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How to prepare for the examination phone call/meeting
  • What documentation do you need to provide for the IRS audit
  • Our experience with tax attorneys and tax mediator
  • Common misconceptions about an IRS audit
  • Lessons I learned and things I would have done differently

Links and resources mentioned during this episode:

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How to Wholesale Your Products with Lucy Farmer | Episode 37

podcast Jan 01, 2021

Episode 37: Show Notes

Today on the show, we have Lucy Farmer from Lucy Inspired, and we are talking about how to wholesale your products. Lucy started out by making one of a kind jewelry and later discovered how to mass produce her products and sell at wholesale prices.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How to get started selling wholesale
  • How to prices your products so you can sell wholesale
  • Paying for production per piece vs by paying by the hour
  • Saving time through batchwork
  • The importance of great product photography
  • Setting up shopify for your e-commerce and wholesale business
  • Setting up an email list

Links and resources mentioned during this episode:

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The Importance of Having a Tax Advisor as a Small Business Owner with Nedra Cale | Episode 36

podcast Dec 18, 2020

Episode 36: Show Notes

Want to build a profitable and sustainable business? Feel that having a tax advisor is scary and expensive? Having a financial planner is SO important. Not only so you can plan what's going on in your business but for future plans, like buying a home. Knowing what you want to accomplish in your personal life helps you work with your accountant to set smart business goals. Financial advisors are here to make our lives easier by setting you up for success.

Today I’m talking with Nedra Cale of Cale’s CPA on how to set goals and plan for a profit in your business. She helps us understand why it is important to pay taxes and how to work with a financial advisor. You can also hear her speak at the Ashlee Fay Designs Conference coming in June 2021!

Nedra encourages us to not let frustration derail us and to not cheat ourselves. It's important to invest in the kind of people that are going to partner with you to build a sustainable, profitable business...

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