Turn Your Hobby Into a Business

After months of hearing your friends and family say, "You're so good. You should sell these!", you finally did it. You decided to turn your hobby into a business.

That said, there's so much more to this than simply selling your products. If you continue to treat your hobby like a hobby, then you won't generate steady income.

There are many things to consider when transitioning your hobby to a business. I know this may sound like a lot, but it's easy enough to do once we break it down.


First, when you are deciding on your name, make sure that you're not limiting yourself. For example, if I started a business named "Katie's Bows," I would be limited as far as what I could offer. It would be hard for me to branch off into onesies and t-shirts.

In actuality, my creative business was called Katie Did Creations. I wasn't limited by any particular product, and people knew that what I created was probably handmade.


The way that you should register your business varies by...

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