Turn Your Hobby Into a Business

After months of hearing your friends and family say, "You're so good. You should sell these!", you finally did it. You decided to turn your hobby into a business.

That said, there's so much more to this than simply selling your products. If you continue to treat your hobby like a hobby, then you won't generate steady income.

There are many things to consider when transitioning your hobby to a business. I know this may sound like a lot, but it's easy enough to do once we break it down.


First, when you are deciding on your name, make sure that you're not limiting yourself. For example, if I started a business named "Katie's Bows," I would be limited as far as what I could offer. It would be hard for me to branch off into onesies and t-shirts.

In actuality, my creative business was called Katie Did Creations. I wasn't limited by any particular product, and people knew that what I created was probably handmade.


The way that you should register your business varies by...

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Stay Organized during the Holiday Sales Rush

Thanksgiving is tomorrow… DON’T PANIC!

While the rest of your family is enjoying time together and preparing to eat loads of good food, I know what you’re thinking about: Alllll of the orders you have starting to pile up. You would love to relax and enjoy your holiday, but you’re starting to get overwhelmed.

If you’re anything like me, getting panicky is a really great way to get absolutely nothing done. When I let the overwhelm take over, my brain can’t figure out what to do first, what to prioritize, or how to pace myself. This even happens with cleaning my house! If I skip a weekend of upkeep, all I can see when I look around is mess instead of actionable steps.

This weekend, take some time to journal. How does the holiday season make you feel? Are you overwhelmed by all the orders, or does the work excite you? How has the holiday season gone for you in the past? If this is your first season in business, what are you most looking forward to?...

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