Copyright Infringement: How to avoid a lawsuit with Disney

Are you familiar with copyright infringement laws? If not, you should be!

When Disney+ first announced its launch, the internet went WILD, especially the millennial-turned-mom generation. Disney gained lots of attention by offering all of the classic favorites for parents to share with their kids. And on top of that, they gave us new originals when they launched, like The Mandalorian, a Star Wars spinoff show. 

Viewers particularly like The Mandalorian for its incredibly cute, yet somewhat deadly character, baby Yoda. Baby Yoda has captured the hearts of kids and grown men alike, so it's no wonder that several Etsy sellers decided to jump on that train and make baby Yoda products Of their own.

Disney, however, made it clear that this their ride, and their ride alone. 

Disney noticed these products popping up and made a complaint to Etsy, who deactivated the listings, causing page views for shops to plummet. According to Now This

"The owner...

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