Budgeting in a Crisis: Part 1

When life throws us curve balls, our bank accounts always seem to end up being the secondary victims.

Between the added expense of dealing with the crisis and paying for our vices to cope, we can end up in a loop that is hard to get out of.

Right now, our entire country is in a state of crisis, and we are all feeling the hit to our finances. During these challenging times, it's really important to understand where your money is going. 

Once you know what exactly you are spending money on, you can see where you can cut back and how to make a plan.

First, gather the last 1-3 months of your credit card and bank statements. Print off hard copies. Once you have these together, it's time to make sense of the data.

Go through each statement, and determine your recurring fixed (same every month) expenses, such as insurance, mortgage or rent, car payment, cable, and internet.

Then identify your recurring variable (changing every month) expenses, such...

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