Success Stories | Creating Multiple Revenue Streams in Your Creative Business with Ashley Smith and Donna Mullins | Episode 43

podcast Feb 12, 2021

Episode 43: Show Notes

My guests today are, Donna Mullins and Ashely Smith. Donna is the owner of On A Whimm Wreaths and Decor by Dona. She started her business a little over a year ago, completely on a whimm and hasn’t looked back since.

Ashley is the owner of Icing & Aprons, a home buttercream icing bakery. She also creates online tutorials about cake decorating skills that she plans to monetize in the future.

These ladies are here today to talk about their business journeys, how they got started and the impact their creative businesses had on themselves and their families.

Decorating and crafting has always been Ashley's passion. She remembers moving furniture around in her bedroom as a child because, even back then, she liked change. Making something pretty that is enjoyable for you and your friends and family when they visit your home is what she really enjoys the most about not only decorating, but wreath making.

Being a creative business owner has afforded Donna the ability to earn an income from home that helps support her family and send her son to private school. She is able to take her child to and from school as well as get him to practices because I have a very flexible schedule. Her ability to work from home allowed her husband to take a job that is advancing his career and this never would have been possible if she was not a maker with a home based business!

In this episode, we cover:

  • How Donna started her business on a total whimm
  • The impact that Donna’s career change had on her family
  • Standing out and being authentic as a creative business owner
  • Facing the fear of judgement in creative entrepreneurship
  • How Ashley turned her passion for baking into multiple revenue stream
  • The impact that owning a creative business had on Ashley’s family
  • Pursuing a career that you're passionate about

Links and resources mentioned during this episode:


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