Success Stories | The Positive Impact a Creative Business Has on Family Life with Jenny Welsh and Leslie Scribner | Episode 42

podcast Feb 05, 2021


Episode 42: Show Notes

Today I’m talking to not one, but two amazing creative entrepreneurs. Jenny Welsh from Followed Arrow Custom Creations and Leslie Scribner from CastleBerry Kids Shop.

Jenny is a creative business owner who started her business a little over a year ago. Her biggest sellers are her glitter tumblers. She loves working from home and showing her kids that she can do things her way and that there is more than one way to bring in income.

Leslie is a mom of four, creative business owner and, as of recently, a homeschool teacher. She creates children embroidery and custom baby gifts and outfits. In 2010 she got a sewing/embroidery machine as her Christmas gift and that is how it all started.

They are here today to share their business journey and the impact it had on their families.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How a hobby becomes a business
  • Challenges you face as a new business owner
  • Impact that your business has on your family

Links and resources mentioned during this episode:



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