Email Marketing Simplified with Ashley DeLuca | Episode 20

podcast Aug 28, 2020

Episode 20: Show Notes

Today on the show we have Ashley DeLuca. Ashley is an email marketing specialist who helps creative entrepreneurs turn their small list of subscribers into buyers.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Using email marketing to amplify relationships in sales
  • Email marketing platform recommendations
  • Setting up your welcome email sequence

Links and resources mentioned during this episode:

 More About Ashley DeLuca

As a young business owner with a toddler in tow, Ashley has helped 300+ business owners cut through the chaos of entrepreneurship and make the impact that sets their soul on fire through email marketing. 

As the small town girl who learned how to build websites from library books, Ashley bought her laptop using babysitting money to get her started on this journey back in 2009. Her outfit is never complete without dog hair, you’ll always find a coffee in one hand (hello mom and entrepreneur life!) and a Rachel Hollis book in the other.


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