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Expense Tracker for Creative Business owners

Creative Balance’s automated bookkeeping spreadsheet was created by a creative for creative’s. Whether you are selling on Esty, eCommerce, social media, or vendor events. Track all your income and expenses in one place


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Tax Prep Simplified 

 Did you Procrastinate on dealing with your books until NOW!

 Not Sure where to get started or how to organized an entire year's worth of business income and expenses? 

 Tax prep simplified will help you get an entire years worth of receipts and records organized and ready for your tax appt.


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Behind the Books... Learn to automate your finances

 Take control and automate your Business finances.  You have created a successful business, now it is time to take back your time and take control of your Money.


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 Not sure where to start when it comes to business finances?

 Start Here with the FREE 5 day business finance for beginners challenge

Katie's Creative Circle

 Every Month I coach Creatives and small business owners just like you have to take control of their finances and grow their creative businesses. 

 Let's be honest if you're like me you might be a course collector. You buy the course and have every intention on finishing it, heck even starting it and then well life. happens.  

Katie's Creative Circle is a coaching coaching program that goes hand in hand with all my programs ( and can be added to any program)  You have my guidance and support every single week to help you get your business headed in the right direction and your finance under control. 

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