What if I told you tax time didn’t have to be a stressful hot mess???

Even if you’re not a “numbers” person.

It’s true- I promise! 

I’m Katie Fisher, and I’ve spent 14 years as a small business owner and the last 5 years as a tax accountant specializing in working with small businesses…

And I teach other handmade business owners just like YOU how to take control of their finances, become tax-season ready…

...and most importantly, how to get over their fear of the “numbers” stuff so they can confidently grow their businesses.

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Whether you are looking to grow your creative business or take control of your business finance, you're in the right place. 

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I know what it feels like trying to figure out your books month after month and not feeling confident at tax time, to want to make a change for the better but have no clue on where to start. I hope to make this process easier for you. The first place to start is creating a budget for both personal use and for your business.


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