Sales Tax Guide For handmade sellers

You're totally ready to sell your handmade goods.....
✅ Supplies are ordered.
✅ Designs are perfected.
✅ Etsy shop up and running.

But, what about sales tax? Wait, I need to charge sales tax?!?

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15 years ago, my husband and I built a business with nothing to our name..

... through trial and error (and trust me, there were a lot of errors). I used those skills to transition into a tax accountant and turn my creative hobby into a business. I know that is a lot of "irons in the fire," as some might say, but I have always been one to follow my heart.

I closed my tax firm in 2017 to focus primarily on my creative business. I soon found that others were inspired by my drive and wanted to learn how I grew my creative hobby into a full-time business, generating a full-time income.

So, my friends, here I am, sharing everything I have learned along the way. Now, I mentor and teach business owners how to take profitable action steps. My students learn how to build their sales platforms, understand their numbers, and use online marketing strategies to make an impact.


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